Fifty the New 40 

Fifty the new 40.  That's what they say.  And I'm good with that because when I look in the mirror I don’t see 55.  When I get up in the morning I don’t feel 55.  And like Sammy Hagar I sure have a hard time driving 55, but it’s headed my way.  

None of my 55 and older friends look or feel it either.  I think Father Time has gotten it wrong.   Is Fifty the new 40?

Has the face of 55 has changed and we don’t recognize it anymore.  We’re used to seeing our parents or more likely grandparents as they were at 55 and older.  The baby boom generation is a different breed all together. 

Words that bring to life boomers include:  hardworking, motivated, self-reliant, independent, confident, dedicated, passionate and resourceful.    

They are typically open to change and adapt well to new things.  They may be rebellious, arrogant, selfish, idealistic and ruthless with a strong competitive nature.   They generally have a positive attitude.  They pay attention to health and environmental issues.   They live life to the fullest. 

Why are boomers different?  To avoid getting lost in all the psychobabble, the simple reason is time and place.  Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964, in a prospering country after war.  It was a time when the American spirit was soaring to new heights.

So what’s the answer to my dilemma?  A new mirror…..mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best of them all….generations that is.   My most excellent mirror will answer baby boomers no doubt at all. 

And since my mirror can’t be wrong, it’s time to put a new image on 55.   As I think about my new image and what I want it to look like, I realize I need to study the old image.  Outdated names such as Senior Citizen or Mature Adult don’t seem to fit any longer. 

And what does AARP mean?  I had to google it.   Why would I not know what it means?  I can’t remember what it stands for because it doesn’t fit me….. American Association of Retired Persons.  I don’t think I know anyone younger than 65 who is retired, and they aren’t really retired.

My twins call me sexy mamma and they say 50 is the new 40.  Whatever the case may be, Fifty the New 40, things have got to change because, I Can't Drive 55.