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How to Connect More Deeply with Yourself, Your Lover and the Divine

Talk with Your Heart for the Wisdom of the Ages

We all want to be loving, but we can't share more love than we already experience within.

The larger truth is that we are all pure love, or God consciousness. There is nothing else. As Rocco A. Errico, Ph.D., Th.D., Bible authority, translator and ministerial counselor says, "We are God expressed, or pressed out, into human form."

But we tend to have a mountain of concepts about all the ways in which we are not pure love, concepts that get in the way of experiencing our true Self.

To inspire you reconnect with your true Self, I offer these notes from a profound session with a client. What he came up with was so eloquent, yet simple, that I am moved to share it, maintaining his confidentiality, of course. I’ll give him the pseudonym, Joe.

Joe was chronically having a difficult time getting out of his head and feeling his emotions (prevalent Western cultural dilemma). While he was holding the Inner Quest wands (which help unblock and move energy), I suggested he ask his heart if it was willing to speak with him. He asked, and the answer was, "Yes."

Here is the dialogue that ensued between Joe and his heart:

Heart to Joe: Love yourself more. You talk big talk about loving everybody and God. When you truly love yourself, you're loving God in the most true and direct way. WE ARE GOD, and we have the unique capacity to love inwardly; that's loving God.

Joe to Heart: How can I love myself more?

Heart: True love, like the kind of love you seek in another, has no doubt, no fear, no worry. It has no hurt. You can do it by feeling love for yourself. Replace fear, doubt, and worry with love. You were in love once; you know how that feels.(Joe was now feeling very high, and thinking about walking around with love. Then he said his ego popped up, fearing its loss of identity.)

Joe to Heart: What else is there beyond just walking around loving yourself all day long and not contributing?

Heart: If you truly loved yourself in every moment, you'd be such a beacon and such a leader, you could pick a career and succeed because everyone will want to be around you. LOVING YOURSELF IS THE ALL-ENCOMPASSING SOLUTION.

Joe: How do I help Ego “go with it,” and not fight me?

Heart: Ego is you too. If you love Ego, it will do its job to steer, to plan. It has a job to steer, but not control, to steer based on the signals of the universe.

Joe to Ellen: "If the goal was to feel my feelings, that generated a lot of full-body feelings!"

You too can ask your heart what it has to say to you.

Whatever you do as you go through your day, while you interact with family and friends, work, exercise, buy groceries, sit in traffic, clear storm drains, cook, eat, sing, dance, rest, make love . . . remember to love yourself, and let your love light shine out to all you encounter.


"God is love." - 1 John 4:9

"Love is all there is" - Paul McCartney

I welcome your feedback on these "Love Tips" (including whatever happens as a result). ~ Ellen Eatough, M.A. "The Soulful Sex Coach" email Extatica, Inc., “Your Resource for Sexual-Spiritual Fulfillment” Copyright © 2002-2011 Ellen Eatough, M.A.

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