5 Principles to Manifest
Your Dreams

If we're going to live in a world where the law of attraction is active,
if like attracts like then it's important to keep in mind these manifest your dreams principles.

1) Expect Success in Every Area of Life

We get what we expect. If we expect that our lives and businesses will be marked by abundance, rich relationships and fun, we will generate an intention to make it so.

Our intention will create a drive within us to accomplish those actions necessary to manifest our vision.

Likewise, if we expect to struggle or are unclear about what our business will look like, we forfeit our ability to design it on purpose. We will unintentionally sabotage our efforts at achieving those things we want most because we fail to envision them and do not take the actions necessary to realize them.

2) Dream Big: Don't Hold Back

To mold your new business or life vision, close your eyes and imagine that a genie has just appeared before you. This genie has offered to grant your every wish in designing the business of your dreams,provided you have the courage to envision it, believe it will happen and pursue it.

In order to create this vision, you need to temporarily suspend any self-defeating thoughts that you will have to settle for a life or business that does not meet your needs or honor your values. Keep in mind that you will be developing a specific plan of action to address the question, "What exactly will it take to manifest this vision?"

So, create your dream vision with the expectation that you will be designing a plan to bring each aspect of it into reality.

3) Articulate and Honor Your Most Important Values

Our values are the threads that make up the fabric of who we are as people. Our core values are those qualities that demand to be honored if we want to be happy. Examples of core values are: love, creativity, contribution, belonging, security, adventure, freedom,fun, family, peace, joy, intimacy, abundance, integrity, andrespect...just to name a few. Select your top four or five values and prioritize them in order of importance. Ask yourself, if I have to choose between this and that, which would I pick?

4) Gain Clarity about How Your Vision will Reflect Your Core Values

With a focus on your most important values, spell out your vision for each area of your life and your business. Be clear, specific and detailed as you include such elements as what your typical day at work and play will be like, what type of people you will surround yourself with in life and in business (self-motivated,loving, caring, competent, trustworthy, etc.), what type ofrelationships you'll be attracting, how your life and business will differentiate itself, and what you will be known for, etc. Include as much picture-like detail as possible as if it were a movie. Create a vivid mental image of every important aspect of your life or business. Make sure to show how your envisioned life is an expression of your passions and your values.

5) Make It Fun and Exciting and About Others Too!

Look at this vision you're creating as a game you're playing -- a game where you're designing your ideal business and life. To be truly powerful, create your vision as something that is much greater than about just you alone... something you can't do on your own... something that must involve and positively affect the lives of many, many others. This will include positively impacting everyone who comes into your life.

Remember, we all can struggle and suffer and be at the affect of what life throws our way, or we can decide to live deliberately.

To learn the 50 key principles that I used to transform my own life from one of suffering and resignation to a dream life marked by rich relationships, abundance, fulfillment, joy, and living my life purpose that honors my key values...

~ Dr. Joe Rubino

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