How Does The Universe Decide What You Get?
by Dr. Robert Anthony

A question I am asked often is, "What if others want something different than I want and I am involved with them. How does the universe decide which person gets what they want?"

My answer is when you have a vision of something and it feels like other people are shooting it down or they don't want what you want, it is not their shooting it down or what they want that is threatening your manifestation. The problem is that you are letting their vision of your vision disconnect you from your vision.

In other words, you see them as powerful players or as hindering players and you are focused on their hindrance and in doing so you are not in alignment with your vision. Then the pain you feel is not because they are hindering your vision -the pain you are feeling is because you are out of alignment with YOUR vision.

The discomfort you are experiencing is because you are invested in the outcome of your vision. You want it to come to you in the exact way you envision it. Anytime you pick a particular source, person or situation and assign it the task that it will be the vortex by which your dream will be fulfilled, you severely limit yourself.

Instead, all you have to do is hold to your dream with an attitude of appreciation and the universe will satisfy that dream in many more ways than you can imagine. You have so much more potential for your dreams to be satisfied than through that one source. And yet you use your squabble over that as your reason for not being in alignment with your dreams. So you are depriving yourself of the dream coming through that avenue or any other avenue. And all of your frustration and your anger continues to grow because you feel powerless. You are saying, "I want something I feel I can't have and the reason I feel I can't have it is because of what you're doing".

You need to understand that the universe sees you uniquely and separately and will answer your every question, your every desire and your every dream, but you have to stop making excuses and blaming others for why it cannot be fulfilled.

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