Fitness Spa Vacations

by Tomer Harel

We all have different ideas on how to define an amazing adventurous vacation. Some of us define an adventurous trip by conquering a mountain on a hiking getaway, setting off the highway on a road trip or sleeping in the wild on a camping trip. The common factor for these kinds of vacations is to go outdoors. With the goal to experience the outdoors in mind, make the most of the remaining days of the summer by having a unique adventurous vacation - a fitness spa vacation.

To go on a fitness spa vacation is one of the most amazing things in the world that you can treat yourself with. Imagine being able to bring home memories of an incredible blend of experiences with Mother Nature and the relaxing confines of a fitness spa resort. Top that off with the most delightful, salivating and, most importantly, healthy cuisines that the world has to offer.

The words "fitness" and "spa" are definitely correlated. While they do differ in actual definition and a lot of other ways, the end-result they offer to us is basically the same. Whether you work yourself out for hours in a fitness activity or lay down on your chest for a soothing Shiatsu or Swedish massage, you are sure to leave the gym or the spa feeling refreshed, reinvigorated and rejuvenated.

The growing popularity of fitness spa vacations can be attributed to their programs that prove keeping yourself healthy and your body in perfect shape is not just all work and no play. The programs prepared by a team of health coaches are varied and have different levels of difficulty. Hiking trips, for example, are offered with easy, moderate and difficult treks. These trips, however, whatever the difficulty level, are supervised and facilitated by a professional hiking guide. Also, before setting off for any of the activities offered, a pre-assessment is administered to check on the type of activity your body can physically endure. They should be not too easy and not too hard. The main goal, after all, is that you enjoy your trip the way you would enjoy your regular vacation.

These amazing vacations are experienced in fitness spa resorts. These resorts are usually located far from the sights and sounds of the busy and fast-paced urban environment that you deal with everyday. They are situated in remote and exotic areas that are close to nature - an ancient city, a relaxing body of water or a rainforest. You might also find one or two in a major city, but they are confined in a quiet and tranquil environment. They aim for you to have a good physical shape and also a healthy mind.

One of the things people look forward to when visiting a new place is to have a taste of the local cuisine. One might even say that it is through the food that you truly experience a certain place's culture. Although the objective of fitness spa vacations is to have you leaving in good shape, fitness spa resorts have dieticians and nutritionists that develop nutritious, well-balanced and exquisite menus made up of the local favorites and must-try's in proper servings that will help you achieve your recommended daily intake of nutritional levels.

Fitness spa vacations combine rugged adventure and pampered sophistication. After an all-out vigorous workout, you have the wide range of options for relaxation. There are muscle-soothing massages and various facial treatments offered, including anti-aging facials! You even have the option of attending yoga and meditation classes as well as other relaxation techniques. Fitness spa resorts send out an impression of sophistication. Some might think of them as luxurious and extravagant while some, due to the highly stressful environment that we live in, think of them as a necessity. It all boils down to your ability to deal with the worries that your day-to-day activities bring. Treating yourself to this kind of pampering is not being selfish and impractical. It is merely taking care of yourself, beefing yourself up with a healthier mind and body in order to cope with our perpetually busy lives. After all, a fitness spa vacation is bound to yield nothing but great positive results.

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