Attract money

Creating Wealth And Prosperity

What is wealth really? According to Wikipedia, Wealth is the abundance of valuable resources or material possessions. I have a desk plaque that friend game me for my birthday, To be rich in love is to be rich in life.

Is a "desire for wealth and prosperity" a worthy goal? It’s always been among one or more on my list.

The challenge is in realizing that it‘s not money we want. We want the things that money can buy. But we get so focused on making money that we make it our top priority. We get so busy pursuing money in order to buy happiness that we miss out on true wealth.

The question becomes how do we attract wealth and prosperity without losing perspective, burning out and eventually giving up on the pursuit of happiness? How do you get what you need from life without selling yourself out?

Make a list of what you want, or what you want to do. Put a dollar amount next to each.

By knowing how much money you need to achieve that goal you'll engage your creative imagination to provide it. Remember, desire + thought + faith = manifestation.

Maslow’s ultimate state of well-being on his Hierarchy of Needs theory is self actualization. By writing down the things you want, you are putting the plan into motion.

As you focus on your goals as reality the more you will be open to plans of action and opportunity that will empower you to attract the wealth and prosperity you desire.

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